Quite a few cops who came to a recent autopsy and I gave all of them NOXO, They loved it, I want to order more as soon as I get a chance, Thanks!

Dr. Lindsey Thomas ( Medical Examiner),

We distribute NOXO Odor Defense but never have occasion to use it, We actually had a chance to use NOXO this morning and boy does it help. We are having some work done in our plant and they were cutting the water sprinkler lines and the smell was worse than awful. Someone mentioned to go get one of the NOXO and use it. What a difference!


The doctors told me that I had olfactory nerve damage resulting from my head injury. I asked if there was any type of medication that could block the foul odor I perceived when entering many public places, especially food establishments, and I was told that nothing was available. I found NOXO odor inhibitor and it changed my life. I highly recommend this product to anyone who is suffering any sort of medical condition that hinders them from being places where odors will bother them.

Bridget Pinsonneault,

It can block smells that would "gag a maggot".


I couldn't stand to visit my mother in the nursing home because of the smells. They were sickening. Was introduced to your product by a law enforcement agent. It worked! Thank you so much.


It's great for gastric bleeding vomit. That's the one thing I can't stand.


Please send as many as you can.

NYPD Police Commissioner,

I need more. When the delivery came to our building, the first responders intercepted the box for the field. Our examiners need them also.

Medical Examiner NYC,

Entering a home I noticed that the #ies were trying to get out of the house- I knew this one would stink. A lady had died a few days earlier. The heat in the house was on. I decided to try this under the nose salve.

When I approached the body all I could smell were the cookies on the table. Everybody else was retching from the smell.

Detective from Canada,

I brought it to an especially gross autopsy. Every one around me was uncomfortable from the smells.

I was Fine. They Finally noticed that I was not reacting to the smell. The ME asked for the salve. Then all of them asked for it.

Homicide Detective US,

It de!nitely helps the sta" with the smells we encounter from the burn victims. The family of the burn victims are also helped.

Dallas Burn Center Research Director,