First Responders


From U.S. Homeland Security's ​Newsletter of the First Responders​
Gel Substance Transforms Noxious Odors into Pleasant Scent - NOXO Odor Defense Pro™​

Noxious odors are an unfortunate part of the job for first responders who must contend with decaying or burning flesh, body fluids, and other unpleasant circumstances. Such odors are not only unpleasant, they can harm both productivity and health. To mask the smell of noxious odors, many first responders use over-the-counter products that are rubbed under

​ ​their noses. These products, however, offer a partial solution because they compete with odors, rather than eliminate them. Using ​natural ​plant extracts, ​Olfactory Biosciences has developed a gel that prevents the brain from smelling noxious odors by altering the brain’s perception of the scent.

​NOXO Odor Defense Pro™ stops the brain’s ability to smell things like decomposing flesh by causing the brain’s olfactory receptors to smell something else – in this case, vanilla NOXO alters the way the brain’s cortex perceives the malodor. The gel lasts about two hours depending upon outside temperatures.

​A project manager at the Department of Justice Office of Law Enforcement and Technology Commercialization (OLETC), heard ​about NOXO just in time for one of the largest clean- up efforts in recent history. “Right after September 11, we were challenged with what we could do to help​ ​first responders,” ​The project manager realized this was a product first responders could definitely use, and OLETC funded the ​firstd ​gel ​to make it ​commercially available.