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Noxo Hungermgmt™


Product Description


OLFC Introduces a Scientific Breakthrough Balm Noxo HungerMgmt™ that Prevents Overeating.

Noxo HungerMgmt™,
Provides hours of relief from cravings and no overeating.

Whatever meals you eat,
Noxo HungerMgmt™ is there for you.

How it Works
Your sense of smell is the key to much of what you feel and experience.

There are key connections from your olfactory receptors to the emotional centers in the brain. These emotional centers in the brain can override the thinking portions of the brain when triggered by odorants.

Neuroscientifically we have discovered that we can automatically trigger specific reactions in your body like reducing appetite, satisfying cravings and enhancing feelings of wellness. Believe it or not, all these things have a lot to do with a hormone in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine, when attached to it’s dopamine receptor, is a neurotransmitter that’s heavily involved in the pleasure center within the brain. By increasing the amount of dopamine, we are able to decrease cravings and overeating.

Noxo HungerMgmt™ developed by Olfactory Biosciences using its own and NOBEL Prize winning science, targets the olfactory receptor nerves, that target and triggers the hypothalamus, the main regulatory organ for the human appetite.


Noxo HungerMgmt™ comes in a 3 oz tin. About 100 doses or applications.

Ingredients: A special proprietary formulation of Phytonutrients and Phytochemicals taken from plants, flowers, roots and seeds. All ingredients are in a soy base which is FDA approved for cosmetic use. The specific chemical identities of the ingredients in this mixture are considered by us to be trade secrets and are withheld in accordance with the provisions of the 1910.1200 of the Code of Federal Regulations

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