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NOXO Binge Control™


NOXO Binge Control(TM) the Best natural medical discovery that lets you sniff your hunger cravings/binges away, while on any popular diet or your own.

**A Five Year Clinical Study Showed: Most women on well-known diets gave up dieting after five weeks, two days and 43 minutes.


Nearly a third of women have actually put weight on during a diet, with the average weight gain being 3.9lbs.**

NOXO Binge Control(TM) combines the best of all worlds for crushing cravings and stopping overeating with phytochemicals, phytonutrients, Tyrosine and Dopamine. The natural topical non-prescription preparation is effective and uses advanced olfaction and chemoreception. Applying NOXO Binge Control(TM) is just rubbing a small amount of the preparation to the end of your nostrils.

Neuroscientifically, scientists have discovered that we can automatically trigger specific reactions in your body like reducing appetite, satisfying cravings and enhancing feelings of wellness.

Believe it or not, all these things have a lot to do with a hormone in the brain called dopamine. Dopamine, when attached to its dopamine receptor, is a neurotransmitter that’s heavily involved in the pleasure center within the brain. By increasing the amount of NOXO Binge Control(TM), which contains dopamine, we can decrease cravings and overeating.

NOXO Binge Control(TM) was developed by Olfactory Biosciences and uses its own science as well as NOBEL Prize-winning science of 2004. NOXO Binge Control(TM) targets the olfactory receptor nerves, that target and triggers the hypothalamus, the main regulatory organ for the human appetite.


Using pure willpower to overcome cravings doesn’t always work. (If it did, dieting would be easy, and we’d all be at our own healthy, feel-great weights.) Guess what? You don’t have to tough out an unrelenting yen to house a box of Cheez-Its, you just need to fool yourself by TRICKING your brain. It’s easier than you think; just take a few dabs of NOXO Binge Control under your nostrils and you won’t overeat, and you’ll curb your cravings.

Each NOXO Binge Control(TM)preparation comes in a 3 oz. tin. (about 100 doses or applications)

About Olfactory Biosciences Corp.

Olfactory Biosciences Corp. develops products targeting olfactory receptors in the nose for the desired effect. All products are topical medicine preparations.

Ingredients: A special proprietary formulation of Phytonutrients and Phytochemicals taken from plants, flowers, roots and seeds. All ingredients are in a soy base which is FDA approved for cosmetic use. The specific chemical identities of the ingredients in this mixture are considered by us to be trade secrets and are withheld in accordance with the provisions of the 1910.1200 of the Code of Federal Regulations

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