Product Description

  • Relief from environmental issues
  • These sensory issues affects 5% to 16% of children
  • Sensory problems have quantifiable differences in brain structure
  • “Tones down” the perception of smells and environmental issues
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Many people with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have difficulty processing everyday sensory information such as smells. This is usually called having sensory integration difficulties, or sensory sensitivity. It can have a profound effect on a person’s life.


Incredible Breakthrough from Olfactory Biosciences Corp.

New Sensopath™ , when applied topically, under the nose can offer relief from environmental odors and challanges that have the potential to trigger coping responses . Sensopath™ molecules transport their “messages” directly to the brain’s limbic system which can change behavior. Sensory issues are on the rise and Sensopath™ is needed more than ever. For additional information Contact Us


Balm:  $ 29.95


How Our Senses Work


Our central nervous system (brain) processes all the sensory information we receive and helps us to organize, prioritize and understand the information. We then respond through thoughts, feelings, motor responses (behavior) or a combination of these.

People with sensory integration difficulties – including many people with ASD – have difficulty processing everyday sensory information.

People who struggle to deal with all this information are likely to become stressed or anxious, and possibly feel physical pain. This can result in challenging behavior. For additional information Contact Us

Ingredients: A special proprietary formulation of Phytonutrients and Phytochemicals taken from plants, flowers, roots and seeds. All ingredients are in a high quality White Petrolatum that complies with White Petrolatum USP requirements and FDA requirements ( 21 CFR 172.880) The specific chemical identities of the ingredients in this mixture are considered by us to be trade secrets and are withheld in accordance with the provisions of the 1910.1200 of the Code of Federal Regulationsamount: Sensopath™ comes in a 3 oz tin. About 100 doses or applications.
**Our products are free of bee pollen, lactose, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, gelatin and are all organic.