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    We have highly specialized odorant receptors in the olfactory system that receive only specific odorants that our brain is able to understand. These collective patterns of odorant signals created by the olfactory receptors correlate memories or sensations to them.
    Odorants sensed by the olfactory system have the ability to transmit signals to the brain that can create mood, discomfort, satiation, memories, etc. This opens the doors to using the brain’s natural responses to odorants and the development of products that can improve feelings wellness or resolve, naturally.

  • sensopathOlfactory Biosciences Corp’s Odorant Science has enabled us to create combinations of odorants that work with your olfactory receptors in a natural process of eliciting specific reactions from the brain.
    We have created a line of products that work with the natural responses of the brain to odorant combinations that improve the quality of life. We use 100 % Natural ingredients with a proprietary formula of plant extracts that are biologically active compounds. They are all natural, organic and have special medicinal characteristics.

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    Each NOXO Gel™ comes in a 3 oz tin. About 100 doses or applications.

    A customer reported that a high functioning ASD, 11-year old girl client has been using Sensopath™ Sensory gel for a month. Prior to Sensopath™ she was experiencing severe meltdowns several times per week, upon returning home. Now, at most she has had one or two mild issues per week .It is easing her anxiety during her academic school day
    Sharon Brown – Los Angeles
    Sensopath™ Sensory gel is like an anxiety eraser. My son became mellow, calm but also happy.He also was relaxed.
    The Sensopath™ solution provides unprecedented hope for children and families affected by Autism.
    Jacqueline DeFries – Boston
    I have utilized the Sensopath™ Sensory gel for a week now to my 14-year old autistic son. What I had observed was a 70% reduction of his erratic behavior. It is almost too good to be true. My son is calmer and quieter.
    Allan A. Chang, LASD
    Sensopath has worked wonders in reducing many self-stimulation behaviours. In our respite camp for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, we have used Sensopath for other children at the camp as well who are sensitive to certain smells.Todd & Margaret (INKA) Inkarespite in Australia
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